The Narcissistic City Review

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以前このブログでも紹介したAmerican Suburb Xというサイトに『The Narcissistic City』のレビューが掲載されました。

Takashi Homma ASX



『The Narcissistic City』には、ロバート・フランク(Robert Frank)の写真や映画、川田喜久治さんの写真集、アンディ・ウォーホル(Andy Walhol)の映像作品「Empire」からの引用や、それらに対する言及が散りばめられている、と書いています。

”Takashi Homma is indebted to Robert Frank. This much is clear. He is as sick of goodbyes as are the best of the Swiss and as are the best of photographers. Throughout “The Narcissistic City” (MACK) allusions to Frank’s films punctuate the body of work casting an angry or perhaps reticent eye towards the America and Japan Homma has observed. Quaint allusions to the work of the Kikuji Kawada’s “The Last Cosmology” (also MACK) permeate. The black dot and the void of vision are all found inside. There are cinematic references in his own work, perhaps relating to Warhol’s “Empire”, but also to the dichotomy between shifting suns and the shifting worlds between America and Japan. All is awash in doubt. The fun simply falls here flat on this concrete. Life, which would seep through the cracks in the sidewalk is replaced with an eye cast upwards and away from the feet. Rooftops, endings and vantage points, the eye of God settles just under the smog of humanity. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.” Excerpt from the review




Robert Frank sick of goodbys

Robert Frank Sick of Goodbys, November 1978





Andy Warhol Empire

Andy Warhol Empire



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