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こんにちは。between the booksエディターの井関ケンです。


TEDは「Ideas worth spreading(広める価値のあるアイデア)」をスローガンに掲げた、講演会を主宰する非営利団体です。2006年から、学者や政治家、経営者やアーティストなど、さまざまな分野の人物の講演(プレゼンテーション)をインターネットで公開しています。

ここでは、アメリカ人写真家のTaryn Simon(タリン・サイモン)が行った講演を紹介します。

タイトルは「photographs secret sites(隠された側面を撮る)」です。


Hi, this is Ken Iseki, the Editor at between the books.

Today, I would like to introduce a presentation conducted by an American photographer/artist, Taryn Simon.

The title is “photographs secret sites”.









Simon starts from this words, “90 percent of my photographic process is not, in fact, photographic”.

She is a photographer but she hardly takes pictures (only 10%). She certainly does not look like Bresson-type photographer who carries a camera all the time and try to find a decisive moment.

But what actually does she do for “90%”. Polishing her camera at home? No.

She writes letters, researches, makes phone calls etc to “access the subjects”. We say 80% of a work is planning, but she does 90% of planning. Incredible?

What does she try to approach?

Let’s watch the presentation.


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