「たのしい写真」ワークショップ選抜クラス第2期 修了展レポート Workshop Selective Class Exhibition Report

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Homma’s workshop, started in summer 2009 at Aoyama Book Centre, welcomes the 6th class this March.

In 2011, we held the 4th & 5th class and also another session for the selective group from the 2nd class.

Reporting today the exhibition held by the 10 participants from the selective class and 3 ex-participants at Aoyama Book Centre from December 27, 2011 to January 15, 2012


昨年同様、雑誌『here and there』を主催する編集者 林央子さんに感想をいただきました!

As per last year, Nakako Hayash, the Editor of “here and there”, has sent us comments.

一番心に残ったのは今野康隆さん「3 11」。写真集の最後にあった文章も良かった。展示されていた白黒写真は一見、被災と無関係なイメージに見えるけれど、どこかしら強く胸をうつ。

The most unforgettable work was “311″ by Yasutaka Konno. The sentences at the end of the photobook were also impressive. On the surface, the black and white images do not connect us to the earthquake, but they somehow touch my heart.


“Under Construction” by Takanori Suzuki had an interesting view point and installation.


“Tsugi” by Miyuki Usui & Yohei Kichiraku. The nesting structure images and the way they used books to show the photos were very good.


It is not hard to imagine how difficult it is to display photos as one’s work in a book store where it is filled with images and letters. However, I did find some dynamic presentations at this exhibition.

米村剛さんの「In a submarine」、黒い背景に写真を浮かべた出力紙の展示、

“In a submarine” by Go Yonemura – displaying photos with black background;

深見安希子さんの「Two or Three Things I Know About CINEMA.」、写真プリントとフィルムのプリントを2重に重ねた展示、

“Two or Three Things I Know About CINEMA.” by Akiko Fukami – displaying the photo prints and film prints in a layer;


“Someone’s Home” by Chihiro Kano  – displaying in the accordion style.



Also we have comments from Norio Nakamura, the Designer.


I thought the work by Kei Horaku displaying the browsing screen was interesting.



Has anyone done this before? This is a new discovery.

Intentionally or coincidentally, this is very well-spaced showing the pieces cold and flat compared to collage.





It is a shame that there was a moment when I felt like the whole work was a setup. I would like to see more nonsense piece. He can express better.

The texture (acrylic?) is very nice too.



We will introduce comments from Masuo Kuroda (Designer) next.

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