関東大震災の絵はがきPostcards of The Great Kanto Earthquake

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Hi, this is Ken Iseki, the Editor at between the books.

Introducing today is a book called “絵葉書が語る関東大震災 – Ehagaki ga Kataru Kanto Daishinsai (Seeing The Great Kanto Earthquake Through Postcards) published by Tsugeshobo in 1990.

After the Great Kanto Earthquake on the 1st of September, 1923, a lot of postcards using the photos of the devastation emerged despite the severe damage at printing offices. The postcards were sold in the city, some for charity and some for moneymaking taking the advantage of the disaster. Without any visual mass media back then, they also became the means to convey the desolation in Kanto areas to the rest of Japan*1.

The black and white prints were coloured manually and then colour printed. You can tell some have been exaggerated with excess smoke and flame.

場所不明 惨害常 夜天空に漲る(みなぎる)火煙

Location Unknown – Fire smoke in the dark


Nijubashi Bridge

(上)京橋区 惨状の最も甚だしかった築地の大亀裂

(下)麹町区 ペチャンコになった日比谷公演音楽堂と震災前の音楽堂

(Above) Kyobashi-Ku:  The massive cracks in Tsukiji

(Below) Kojimachi-Ku:  Hibiya Concert Hall before and after the quake

(上)場所不明 大震災大火を呪う如き怪雲と猛煙

(下)京橋区 猛火に包まれた京橋附近

(Above) Location Unknown: Big cloud and smoke

(Below) Kyobashi-Ku: Kyobashi area surrounded by ferocious fire


(下)麹町区 猛火に包まれる警視庁と震災前の警視庁

(上)麹町区 数寄屋橋付近の猛炎

(下)日本橋区 日本橋付近の猛火と震災前の日本橋

(上)京橋区 京橋区銀座街の大惨状と震災前の銀座大炎

(下)京橋区 京橋区山下橋付近の大延焼と震災前の高架線

(Above) Kyobashi-Ku: Ginza before and after the quake

(Below) Kyobashi-Ku: Yamashita Bashi Bridge area before and after the quake

(上)本所区 本所国技館付近の惨状と震災前の両国国技館

(下)本所区 惨憺(さんたん)たる吾妻橋の焼失と震災前の吾妻橋

(Above) Honjo-Ku: Ryogoku Kokugikan before and after the quake

(Below) Honjo-Ku: Azumabashi Bridge before and after the quake

(上)浅草区 猛烈を極めたる浅草仲見世の大延焼と震災前の仲見世の賑わい

(下)浅草区 六階より折れて付近は火の海となる。別図は帝都の高洛と誇りし十二階の雄


(上)浅草区 震災前の浅草公園屋敷と全焼したる花屋敷、吞気な象クンの避難


(Above) Asakusa-Ku: Asakusa Park before and after the quake and the elephant evacuation.

(Below) Crowd evacuating in confusion.

(上)麹町区 丸の内へ避難する群衆。日本橋及び神田方面の猛火を望む

(下)その他 田端付近の避難民

(Above) Kojimachi-Ku: Crowd evacuating to Marunouchi. Furious fire towards Nihonbashi and Kanda.

(Below) Evacuees around Tabata

*1 Reference  Kanagawa University Website - The 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake: Photo/Map Database

*1参考 神奈川大学のサイト 関東大震災 – 地図と写真のデータベース

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