オランダ人写真家 エリック・ヴァン・デル・ヴァイデさんのレクチャー (前編)

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Hi, this is Ken Iseki, the Editor at between the books.

There was an artist talk show titled “Publishing as an Art Practice” by the Dutch Artist Erik Van Der Weijde at AIT*1 last Wednesday (Feb 23) and this is the report of the event.

Erik van der Weijde was born in the Netherlands in1977. He lives and works both in the Netherlands and Brazil. He is now on a three-month residency with AIT supported by the Fonds BKVB, Holland, an artist who works in the mediums of photography and self-publishing. He is also represented by Gallery Chert in Berlin and his books can be viewed online from the links below.
















Erik on the left (Photo by AIT)

The artist talk started by introducing his own books and then explained the method and concept behind the work. There is not enough space to write about all the works he explained, so I have picked up three.

1 Siedlung, ROMA Publications, 2008
Hardcover, 256 pages, printed in the Netherlands


Between 1933 and 1939 many such Siedlungen (settlements) were built with the goal to provide housing to all working-class NSDAP members. This Siedlungpolitik was a powerful propaganda tool to artificially remove people from unemployment, to enforce a sense of unity and to closely control and subsume the individual to the newly constructed Nazi State.’ He photographed many of these houses and published a series of them in this book he published with ROMA Publications. It is very much based on historical research and uses a typological approach, but again he only use a snapshot camera.

Continued to part2..

 *1  AIT is a not for profit contemporary art platform which creates a range of programmes and events in Tokyo.


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